3-Point Mounted Spiral Reel Stalk Chopper

Our 3-Point Stalk Chopper is a multipurpose field preparation tool used for either chopping stalks and/or preparing fields for planting that can chop stalks, stir loosened soil, and leave a level seedbed.

Rigid and folding toolbars can be configured to virtually any row spacing and cutting width, up to 12 row 40”.

When equipped with cultivator sweeps and a double rolling basket our 3-Point SPR Bed Conditioner is an ideal tool for crops grown on a raised seedbed. Remove the previous crop's root ball and prepare the top of the bed for planting by removing the crust and leaving it level. Full-width spiral reels and rolling baskets ensure complete coverage across the machine.


Model Size Weight
SPR 6R36 6 Row 36" rigid toolbar 1,867 lbs.
SPR 8R36 8 Row 36" rigid toolbar 2,184 lbs.
SPR 8R36F 8 Row 36" folding toolbar 2,802 lbs.
SPR 10R36F 10 Row 36" folding toolbar 3,198 lbs.
SPR 12R36F 12 Row 36" folding toolbar 3,628 lbs.
SPR 6R36-FA5LB FA 5 Bar harrow/feathering board 1,621 lbs.
SPR 8R36-FA5LB FA 5 Bar harrow/feathering board 2,196 lbs.
SPR 8R36F-FA5LB FA Bar harrow/feathering board 2,336 lbs.
SPR 10R36F-FA5LB FA 5 Bar harrow/feathering board 3,079 lbs.
SPR 12R36F-FA5LB FA 6 Bar harrow/feathering board 3,456 lbs.