About Us

Innovating the Tillage Arena!

McFarlane Ag Manufaturing has been a recognized leader in seedbed preparation implements for decades. Since its inception in 1917, McFarlane has been committed to helping farmers around the globe prepare the best seed beds and ensure the most productive yields possible.

Since 1996, McFarlane has been instrumental in developing an unsurpassed array of vertical tillage tools that meet the complex and varied field condition needs of today's farmer. With the introduction of the Quadra-till, Cobra Reel Disk, and Incite Universal Tillage Tool, McFarlane has consistently led the industry in preparing the best and firmest seed beds in any residue condition.

Today McFarlane Ag Manufacturing continues to lead the industry with ground breaking designs that are from the farmers, for the farmers that save time and money down the field. With 100 years in the books, McFarlane will continue to advance technology and design to ensure the best seedbed possible, with the fewest trips across the field, any time of the year.