Universal Chain Harrow Carts

McFarlane Chain Harrows come in working widths up to 40' to cover more acres quickly.

The HD-100 series features a hydraulic lift and fold. The long telescoping hitch makes turning on the ends much easier and is ideal for pulling behind a disk or field cultivator.

Our 32' through 36' models feature a double-trussed square tubular center and wing frame along with a high-strength pull tube for an even pull across each acre.

All units come with universal pull tubes. Chain harrow sections are sold separately, but the models will accommodate most makes of chain harrows.

Units are also available with 1/2 " or 5/8" tine sections from the factory.

ModelCutting WidthApprox. Weight
HD-116-U16'-0"2,225 lbs.
HD-118-U18'-0"2,256 lbs.
HD-120-U20'-0"2,289 lbs.
HD-124-U24'-0"2,529 lbs.
HD-126-U26'-0"2,560 lbs.
HD-128-U28'-0"2,590 lbs.
HD-130-U30'-0"2,622 lbs.
HD-132-U32'-0"3,316 lbs.
HD-134-U34'-0"3,365 lbs.
HD-136-U36'-0"3,399 lbs.
HD-140-U40'-0"4,006 lbs.