Multipurpose Design

These and more industry leading features can be found on the McFarlane 100 Series 8-bar harrow. The 10 teeth per foot coverage is what is needed to break and level the toughest soil types. Damp fields can be aerated and dried in a single pass and chemicals are incorporated to recommended depths. Trussed and gusseted frame ensures trouble free operation. And, the single hydraulic circuit control makes it easy to use.

One Pass System

The HDL-100 Series carts are a great match to any primary tillage tool, creating a one pass system for seedbed prepara-tion. The long telescoping hitch and nar-row frame make it ideal for towing be-hind a field cultivator or disk. The single hydraulic circuit is easy to operate both in the field and in transport.

8 Bar Spike Tooth Harrow

Harrow sections are fully flexible, following the contour for even coverage, but resist bunching in high residue. The ten teeth per foot provides the coverage necessary to level and firm the seedbed. Machined high-carbon teeth, heavy wall harrow pipe and high strength pull chains stand up to the toughest conditions.

4+4 Bar Spike Tooth Harrow

Get the same ten teeth per foot coverage as the 8-bar section, but with better residue handling capability. The front 4 and back 4 bars are pulled independently and can even be run in standing corn stalks. Use the 4+4 to cover exposed seed or level, smooth and firm tilled fields.

*Also available for chain harrow sections.

  • Telescoping hitch
  • Narrow main frame
  • Fully trussed toolbar
  • Hydraulic lift and fold
  • Machined high-carbon teeth
  • Higher strength section pull chains
ModelCutting WidthApprox. Weight
HDL-116-B16'-7"2,723 lbs.
HDL-118-818'-1"2,778 lbs.
HDL-120-821'-1"2,869 lbs.
HDL-122-822'-7"2,925 lbs.
HDL-124-825'-8"3,293 lbs.
HDL-126-827'-1"3,348 lbs.
HDL-128-828'-7"3,402 lbs.
HDL-130-830'-1"3,458 lbs.
HDL-132-831'-7"4,176 lbs.
HDL-134-834'-7"4,283 lbs.
HDL-136-835'-8"4,341 lbs.
HDL-138-837'-8"4,431 lbs.
HDL-140-840'-8"4,792 lbs.