Incite - Independent

An innovative Universal Tillage® tool that lets you do more with one pass

The new Incite-i 5200 with an independent blade configuration combines the benefits of vertical and high-speed tillage tools into an innovative Universal Tillage® tool that lets you do more.

This tool has the flexibility to adjust to different soils and crops with ease. You can start sooner and finish earlier, saving time and money. The versatility of this tool allows you to accomplish in a single pass what once took multiple passes with different machines. Achieving the optimum seedbed has never been easier.

Multiple Disk Blade Options

Depending on your seedbed goals, the Incite-i 5200 offers several disk blade types and front/rear configurations.

Blade Combinations

Choose between three blade configurations:

  1. Front Cobra RC and rear Incizor - Minimize soil smearing and compaction. Sharp, serrated Cobra RC blades tear through weeds and residue, while wavy Incizor blades maintain constant contact to horizontally fracture and size residue.
  2. Front and rear Cobra RC - Cobra + Cobra RC disk gangs work best when residue sizing is needed. This combination allows growers to run faster with a shallower disk gang angle while aggressively tearing through weeds and residue.
  3. Front and rear Incizor - Following fall primary tillage, the Incizor + Incizor combination works best with lots of loose soil. The round wavy blade provides full coverage and leaves you with a smooth, even seedbed.

Finishing Tool Configurations

  • 3-Bar Flexible Spike Tooth Harrow with Staggered Rolling Basket (Standard: IC-5200) - Works best for leveling soil and breaking up clods, our proven spike tooth harrows follow the ground closely. Its flexibility allows residue to flow and easily raises or lowers to conform to various soil and residue conditions.
  • 3-Bar Flexible Spike Tooth Harrow with Double Rolling Basket (Optional: IC-52003FADRB) - Works best for leveling and breaking up clods in heavy soils. It helps level the seedbed and size residue in heavy soil or clod conditions.
  • Spur-Till with Staggered Rolling Basket (Optional: IC-5200-ST) - Works best in tough weed conditions, rip weeds out by the root and size clods effectively. Adjustable hydraulic pressure allows the operator to change the down pressure as well as lift the tool out of the ground. If set in the lower ground pressure setting, it works great for firming soil and pinning residue.
  • Double Rolling Basket (Optional: IC-5200-DRB) - Best in heavy soil or clod conditions, our double rolling basket firms the soil and leaves fields ready to plant in the spring. In the fall, baskets
    pin residue to the soil.
  • 5-Bar Flexible Spike Tooth Harrow (Optional: IC-5200-5FA) - For maximum leveling and minimal firming, the 5-bar harrow option is best in minimal residue and damp conditions.



Incite-i profile
Incite-i drone
Incite-i Cobra RC
Cantilleaf™ Spring


Features and Benefits

  • Cobra RC - The sharp serration on the Cobra reverse-crimp blades add traction, lift residue, and push it toward the Dura-Reel® to level and smooth with one pass. The combination of proprietary boron alloy steel with unique processing technology provides hardness, flexibility, sharpness, and wear resistance.
  • Inciszor® Blades - The aggressive design of the Incizor 22”-diameter reverse-crimped blades provides excellent residue sizing and topsoil fracturing and mixing. The proprietary boron steel alloy is more durable and keeps the blade sharp.
  • Universal Tillage Selector - Hydraulic gang angle adjustment allows for more flexibility on the go. Growers can choose a 3˚, 6˚, 9˚, or 12˚ angle. For even greater flexibility, the front and rear disk gang angles can be set independently to achieve the desired finish.
  • Dura-Reel® - Hydraulically adjustable from disk depth to 8" above the bottom of the disk blade for total soil disengagement, our 7-blade 18" diameter open center reel with a swept back design chops through tough residue while allowing for better material flow and resists plugging even in wet, sticky soil conditions.
  • Single-Point Depth Stop - Adjust the depth of the entire machine from one place.
  • Gauge Wheel - Maintains uniform machine performance in spring and fall field conditions. Optional on 40' model.
  • Large Walking Tandem Axle on Mainframe and Wings - Heavy-duty ag tires for improved rotation and smoother operation.
  • 3.5" Effective Cut - Tightest effective cut available; 7" blade spacing with 3.5" effective cut provides more complete coverage.
  • Hydraulic Down Pressure - Rolling baskets and Spur-Till™ treaders have hydraulic down pressure to adapt to different field conditions.
  • Cantilleaf™ Spring - Exclusive patent-pending spring delivers a more consistent seedbed compared to rubber torsion cord or coil spring. It protects against disk blade breakage and allows more clearance in sticky, rocky, and heavy soil conditions.


Model Cutting Width Approximate Weight (lbs.) Transport Height Transport Width Appox. HP Requirement (varies due to depth, gang angle, speed, and soil conditions) Field Capacity (acre/hour at 9-12 mph)
5214 13'-6" 13,800 - 14'-10" 168-210 14-20
5227 26'-6" 29,986 11'-5" 15'-7" 324-405 26-39
5232 32'-1" 32,534 13'-6" 15'-7" 384-480 31-47
5240 39'-7" 39,730 11'-7" 18'-8" 480-600 39-58