Mounted Rolling Basket

Level and condition in a single pass!

Following behind your field cultivator or finisher, the wide spiral blades of the rolling baskets toss soil high enough to separate soil. Finer, firmer soil settles into the seedbed while small clods remain on the soil surface to resist erosion, evaporation, and crusting. What’s left behind is a firm, level bed ready for planting. The rolling basket works in a wide variety of soils. Its unique spring tension adjustment allows downward pressure to be regulated according to soil type. This permits the tillage tool to achieve optimum performance regardless of soil conditions.

The 3-bar flexible spike harrow outperforms coil tine and other harrows because they closely hug the ground. The three rows of teeth spaced on 9" centers provide the contact area to level the toughest field conditions. The harrow is heavy enough to level and stir the soil thoroughly, yet the flexible design won’t plug up with field residue.

  • Universal mounting fits virtually any make or model
  • Heavy-gauge rectangular tube frame
  • Adjustable height pull point and mount arms for varying conditions
  • Sections are suspended with hardened chain to allow full flotation and maximum flexibility for residue clearance
  • Rolling baskets are 12" in diameter and utilize eight 1/4" x 1-1/4" high carbon steel blades
  • Spring-adjustable down pressure for varying soil types and conditions
  • GBGI Low maintenance sealed cast hub style bearing for increased durability
  • Double basket oscillates to follow ground contours
  • Packages available up to 16' 7" width
ModelCutting WidthApprox. Weight
SRB-0393'-9"259 lbs.
SRB-0464'-6"268 lbs.
SRB-0535'-3"272 lbs.
SRB-0606'-0"281 lbs.
SRB-0696'-9"286 lbs.
DRB-039H33'-9"399 lbs.
DRB-046H34'-6"426 lbs.
DRB-053H35'-3"453 lbs.
DRB-060H36'-0"480 lbs.
DRB-069H36'-9"507 lbs.