Managing Weed Pressure with Spring Tillage – Using Universal Tillage®

Maximize your integrated weed management program with the right tillage tool

A well-rounded weed management strategy can include herbicide use, cover crops, crop rotation and tillage. If you need to consolidate your tillage tools and reduce the number of passes this spring, consider a Universal Tillage tool. Universal Tillage combines the benefits of primary, secondary, and vertical tillage into one machine that can help manage weeds mechanically. A Universal Tillage machine combines sharp, aggressive blades with a unique Dura-Reel® chopper and a wide variety of finishing options to chop and kill weeds while creating a smooth, level seedbed for the planter. There are currently two Universal Tillage machines available, the Incite® 5100 and the Cobra™ 4200.


Incizor® disk blades, available on the Incite 5100 series, are 22” in diameter with a reverse crimp to aggressively attack and chop up weeds while fracturing and mixing the soil. The proprietary boron steel alloy provides durability and keeps the blades sharp.

Ultra-sharp Cobra disk blades come standard on the Cobra 4200 series. These serrated blades are 20” in diameter on 7” spacing to provide better cover while chopping up weeds and residue. The blades easily penetrate up to 4” to break the soil profile and slice weeds.

Dura-Reel® chopper:

Exclusive to the Universal Tillage lineup, the Dura-Reel chopper is a one-of-a-kind solution to slicing weeds and bringing them to the surface to dry out and die. This 7 blade, 18” diameter, open reel follows the first set of blades on the Incite and Cobra Universal Tillage tools. Its unique ability to mix soil and residue, while chopping and killing weeds reduces the growers’ need for chemical herbicides.

Finishing Configurations:

Lastly, the Universal Tillage lineup allows growers to choose from up to five finishing configurations, ensuring the right fit for any operation.

For the best weed control, the Spur-Till™ with single rolling basket is recommended. The Spur-till treader has a unique ability to pull weeds out by the root and flip them to the top of the soil to dry out and die.

Other options available with the Universal Tillage lineup include 3-bar flex harrow with single or double rolling basket, double basket, or a 5-bar flex harrow.

The Universal Tillage lineup from McFarlane is ideal for spring tillage and plays a vital role in your weed management strategy.

For over 100 years, McFarlane has been proudly developing tools in Sauk City, WI that help address the needs of our customers.

To see for yourself, talk to your McFarlane dealer today to set up a demo or click here to learn more about the Incite and Cobra.

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