Cobra™ Universal Tillage®

Maximize the value of your tillage tool investment and get more done in less time

McFarlane Ag now offers the Cobra, a one-pass tillage tool used in the spring and fall. It can be aggressive enough to handle fall tillage and shallow enough to prepare the seedbed for row crop and cover crop seeding.

"The Universal Tillage line, which consists of our Cobra and Incite®, just makes tillage easier," says Aaron Faessler, Principal Engineer. "Adjustable components and a variety of finishing options let growers customize their tillage tool to fit their farm's needs and allow them to use one tool year-round. The ability to operate at a wide range of speeds gives you a universal, multi-season, multi-purpose tillage tool."

Available in working widths from 12'- 45', the Cobra consists of five key components that work harmoniously to size root balls, pin and incorporate residue into the soil, speed decomposition, help prevent erosion, prepare the seedbed for planting and give the grower their desired field finish:

  • Serrated Cobra disk blades only available on the Cobra, shreds residue, slices clods and stays sharp. Available in 5mm or 6.5mm for rocky conditions.
  • Universal Tillage® Selector allows on-the-go disk gang angle adjustment from 5°-10°.
  • Dura-Reel® chopping reel crosscuts the residue and aids decomposition.
  • Spur-Till treader features adjustable gang angle with hydraulic pre-set down pressure. This allows the Spur-Till to till the soil, pin residue, bust clods and firm the soil to prepare for planting.
  • Rolling basket with adjustable down pressure ensures the field is smooth.

"For over 100 years, McFarlane Ag has been developing products designed to meet the needs of farmers across the world," says Stan McFarlane, Vice President. "We talk with farmers directly about their tillage needs, and the message is clear: bring innovative products to the market. The Cobra Universal Tillage tool is an evolution in vertical tillage. It performs the way you expect a vertical tillage tool to perform, but it does so much more, which is why we consider it Universal Tillage."

If you are looking for a heavy-duty, versatile field preparation tool with adjustability to meet your changing needs, spring or fall, contact your local dealer or a McFarlane Ag representative today to set up a product demonstration this spring. To see a virtual demonstration of the Cobra, click here.

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