NEW! Incite®-i 5200

Do more in one pass with the newest in Universal Tillage®

McFarlane Ag introduces the Incite®-i 5200 with an independent blade configuration. Designed for growers with sticky or rocky conditions, the new Incite-i 5200 combines the benefits of vertical and high-speed tillage tools into a unique universal tool that lets you do more in fewer passes.

The Incite-i 5200 series joins McFarlane Ag’s Universal Tillage line because of its unmatched adjustability. Its combination of hydraulically adjustable soil engaging components put you in control of achieving your ideal seedbed finish. No compromises. Achieve all your seedbed goals no matter the season and do more with one machine.

“The Incite-i 5200 uses our new CanTILLeaf™ spring, which allows blades to run independently instead of on a solid gang,” says Jeff Marggi, Design Engineer. “The CanTILLeaf spring replaces traditional rubber torsion or coil spring designs. It works in rocky and sticky soil conditions because it holds a more consistent down pressure, even when it hits a rock or other object in the field. This protects the blade from breaking while maintaining consistent disk depth.”

The Incite-i 5200 can be customized to fit your farm’s needs. It starts with the blades. For maximum flexibility, choose between three reverse crimped disk blade combinations: Cobra RC serrated, Incizor®, or a combination of both. The two sets of independently mounted disk blades are hydraulically adjustable from 3°-12° and can be angled differently in the front and rear to deliver a smoother seedbed.

This machine is uniquely designed to have a 3.5” effective cut for more complete and even soil disturbance and reduced ridging in the field. Other unique components include McFarlane’s hydraulically adjustable and highly praised Dura-Reel® chopping reel and five available finishing configurations including our new hydraulically adjustable staggered rolling baskets for more complete coverage.

The Incite-i 5200 takes tillage to the next level. With its versatility and flexibility, it is ideal for any grower no matter the conditions or season. Learn more and set up a demonstration by contacting your local McFarlane dealer today.

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