Reel Disk 4100

The 4100 Series Reel Disk provides the same great performance that thousands of growers have come to rely on coupled with today's sharpest, most aggressive cutting ability for tackling the toughest soil and residue conditions.

The 4100 Series Reel Disk incorporates the Cobra Disk Blades which are manufactured for McFarlane by Ingersoll. They combine a proprietary boron alloy steel with unique processing technology to provide hardness, flexibility, sharpness and wear resistance. They are available in both standard (5mm) and heavy-duty (6.5mm) and will fit any existing 4000 or 4100 series Reel Disk.

Dura Reel with Flow-Through Technology

Patent pending 7 blade 18" diameter open center reel with no center shaft provides better material flow and resists plugging in wet, sticky soil. 5-Bolt hubs for added strength and durability. Each hub has a fixed dirt shield to keep out contaminants. A straight through 1-5/8" spindle with 2-tapered roller bearings that require only annual lubrication without disassembly.

Available with multiple finishing options, including double rolling basket, 3 bar harrow, or 5 bar harrow.

Optional Rear Hitch Assembly
Optional rear hitch assembly is available to pull other farm equipment for single pass capabilities.


Features and Benefits

  • Trunnion Style Disk Gang Bearings are heavy-duty, maintenance-free, self-aligning, sealed bearings for longer life and durability.
  • The rolling basket provides the finishing touch - 8-high-carbon flat bars have adjustable down pressure to meet varying field conditions. Convenient settings for more aggressive clod sizing or less aggressive for soil separating and conditioning.
  • Our proven 3-Bar Spike Tooth Harrow follows the ground closely, is flexible to allow residue to flow and easily raises or lowers to conform to various soil and residue conditions.
  • The Reel Mount Rock Guard deflects rocks away from reel mounts reducing the potential for jamming.
  • Center covering discs and wavy coulter keep the soil profile level.
  • Available on all models is the Hydraulic Gang Angle Adjustment which allows operator on the go disk angle adjustment between selected range points. Our conventional models come with Easy-Adjust Disk Gang Angle Pin style gang adjustment which requires no tools for faster, easier adjustment. Angle can be adjusted from 5° - 13°.
  • Optional Disk Gang Mounted Castering Gauge Wheels are available on all folding models. Helps stabilize wings on uneven ground.
  • Ductile Cast Tapered Disk Spools provide added strength, improved blade support, and better residue clearance.


Model Cutting Width Approx Weight Transport Height Transport Width Field Capacity Acr/Hr @ 6-9mph
RD-4112-RB 12'-3" 7,440 lbs. N/A 13'-9" 7-11
RD-4114-RB 14'-2" 7,900 lbs. N/A 14'-8" 10-12
RD-4116-RB 16'-4" 9,375 lbs. N/A 17'-3" 12-15
RD-4120-RB 19'-10" 12,500 lbs. 9'-6" 13'-4" 14-19
RD-4125-RB 25'-8" 15,010 lbs. 10'-5" 15'-4" 18-24
RD-4130-RB 30'-2" 16,400 lbs. 12'-0" 15'-4" 22-28
RD-4135-RB 35'-9" 20,050 lbs. 13'-6" 17'-4" 26-33
RD-4145-RB 45'8" 26,500 lbs. 13'-6" 19'-2" 28-46