Reel Seedbed Conditioner

Chop stalks, stir loosened soil and leave a level seedbed

The Reel Seedbed Conditioner is a multipurpose field preparation tool used for managing stalks and/or preparing fields for planting.

Size residue in the fall to speed decomposition. In the spring, cut, mix and spread residue on top of the field. Uniform soil density is maintained when leveling fall-tilled fields or when breaking crusted soils.

Plant earlier in damp, cold soils by exposing the soil and accelerating soil warming. With operating speeds up to 10 mph, many acres are covered quickly.

  • Toolbar is a heavy-wall 7" square tubing
  • Hardened steel blades for soil loosening and mixing
  • Heavy-duty 5-bar flexible spike-tooth harrow for leveling, stirring, and firming
  • Adjustable feathering board for use in high residue conditions
  • Optional 3-bar harrow and rolling basket for additional soil conditioning
  • Operates at speeds of 7-10 mph
ModelCutting WidthWeight (lbs.)Transport HeightAcre/hr @ 6-9mph
5-bar Harrow
SPR-1020-520' 0"7,55513' 10"12-19
SPR-1026-525' 6"8,57913' 10"16-24
SPR-1030-531' 0"9,86013' 10"19-29
SPR-1036-536' 6"11,09015' 0"23-34
SPR-1040-540' 2"11,72015' 0"25-37
3-bar Harrow w/Rolling Basket
SPR-1020-3RB20' 0"7,55513' 10"12-19
SPR-1026-3RB25' 6"8,57913' 10"16-24
SPR-1030-3RB31' 0"9,86013' 10"19-29
SPR-1036-3RB36' 6"11,09015' 0"23-34
SPR-1040-3RB40' 2"11,72015' 0"25-37