Ridge-Till Rolling Stalk Chopper

The Ridge-Till Rolling Stalk Chopper (available with either single or double toolbars) gives you the weight and strength needed to cut through tough stalks in the fall or spring. Our 7" heavy-wall toolbar ensures that the hardened steel blades stay in contact with the ground to effectively chop stalks.

The Ridge-Till Rolling Stalk Chopper comes in widths that will cover up to 12 36" rows.

SC 6R36-SR6 Row 36"1,947 lbs.
SC 8R36-SR8 Row 36"2,125 lbs.
SC 8R36-SF8 Row 36"2,633 lbs.
SC 10R36-SF10 Row 36"3,283 lbs.
SC 12R36-SF12 Row 36"3,839 lbs.
SC 6R36-DRR6 Row 36"3,267 lbs.
SC 8R36-DRR8 Row 36"4,196 lbs.
SC 8R36-DFR8 Row 36"5,129 lbs.
SC 10R36-DFR10 Row 36"6,524 lbs.
SC 12R36-DFR12 Row 36"7,637 lbs.
SC 6R36-DRF6 Row 36"3,262 lbs.
SC 8R36-DRF8 Row 36"4,151 lbs.
SC 8R36-DFF8 Row 36"5,013 lbs.
SC 10R36-DFF10 Row 36"6,329 lbs.
SC 12R36-DFF12 Row 36"7,374 lbs.