Roller Crimper

Manage Cover Crops with Ease

The Roller Crimper from McFarlane Ag brings growers an affordable and effective tool for managing heavy cover crops.

Our heavy-duty Roller Crimper is engineered to reduce material wrap around bearings while effectively crimping as part of a reduced chemical or residue management program.

Mcfarlane cover crop crimper IMG 0091
IMG 5089
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  • Crimp mature cover crops to kill without chemical application
  • Crimp immature cover crops to provide mulch, which suppresses weeds
  • Lightly till in cover crop seeds; size residue at the same time
  • Full width coverage, using Dura-Reel
  • Unique bearing guard protects against wrapping / plugging
  • Blades will penetrate ground in uneven conditions to get full crimp
  • Setup on rear or front mount 3 point
  • Beveled blades require less weight than conventional crimpers that use flat bars
  • Aggressive blades can also be used to incorporate seed
ModelWidthTool BarWeight
SPR 6R30-DC15'Rigid2,200 lbs.
SPR 12R30-DC30'Folding4,400 lbs.