Scott Kent from Winslow, IL shares his experience with the Finalizer soil finisher. The unique soil-engaging components gave Scott the smoothest seedbed he's ever planted into.

Bret Dosland from Calamus, IA upgraded his Reel Disk to an Incite 5100 with double rolling baskets. He sets the disk gangs more aggressively in the fall and shallow in the spring to optimize his seedbed.

The Quadra-Till is a one-pass tillage tool that sizes residue, shatters the soil profile across the width of the machine, incorporates residue evenly, and levels the seedbed.

See how Roger Grade of Eldorado, WI optimizes his use of the machine by incorporating it into his fall and spring tillage program

Don Thiems of New Douglas, Illinois stopped by the McFarlane Ag booth at the 2021 Farm Progress Show to share his experience with the Incite Universal Tillage tool. Learn how Tri-D farms use the Incite in the spring and fall to manage residue and prevent erosion.

John Boon of Hancock, MN uses the McFarlane Quadra-Till primary tillage tool in the fall and the Reel Disk in the spring for a complete tillage program that leaves a smooth, level seedbed.

Steve Schlumbohm from Logan County, Ohio discusses his satisfaction with the Incite Universal Tillage Tool during the Ohio Farm Science Review Show.

Ed Mershon from Union County, Ohio shares his thoughts on the Incite Universal Tillage Tool.