2023 Fall Parts Booking Program

Take advantage of these great savings on McFarlane Ag parts!

2023 Fall Parts and Update Kit Stocking Program

Stock up on parts now to ensure availability this fall.

If your customers have Reel Disks, consider these upgrades:

Cobra Blade Upgrade Kit
Reel Disk owners can now match the capabilities of our newer models without the high cost of a new machine. Cobra Disk Blades are manufactured for McFarlane by Ingersoll. They combine a proprietary boron alloy steel with unique processing technology to provide hardness, flexibility, sharpness, and wear resistance. They are available in both standard (5mm) and heavy duty (6.5mm).

Dura-Reel® Upgrade Kit

Maximizes the performance of your 4000 Series Reel Disk by reducing the chance for plugging. The reel on your 4000 Reel Disk has a shaft down the middle, which
is more prone to plugging in sticky conditions. The Dura-Reel upgrade kit eliminates the shaft and resists plugging. The kit includes the reel frame, hubs and bearings. The estimated average assembly time per reel section is one hour. This time is in addition to the removal and reinstallation of the reels.

Click here for conversion and upgrade kit pricing

Program Details

Order Dates: 6/1/23 - 7/31/23

Terms: Net 60 Days

Pricing: Current Price at Time of Order Freight: FOB

Qualified Products: All Parts, Accessories and Update Kits.

Re-orders: All Re-orders Must Meet Minimum Order Level. All Orders Are Stand Alone.


25% Discount - Minimum Order $3,500 – List Price

30% Discount - Minimum Order $5,000 – List Price

Promo Code: 23FBP

Grower Retail Promotion (Dealer Participation = % above standard discount)

Promotion Dates: 6/1/23 - 7/31/23

Qualified Products: All Parts, Accessories and Update Kits.

Published Retail Promo Discounts:

5% Discount - Minimum Order $3,500 – List Price

10% Discount - Minimum Order $5,000 – List Price

Retail Promo Code: 23FBPG

To submit an order, email:

Tim Theis – Parts Manager


608-643-3322 (ext. 136)