Cobra - Universal Tillage

The newest evolution to the Reel Disk

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We took the McFarlane Reel Disk and revolutionized it to better suit your needs.

The Cobra Universal Tillage® tool is the ideal spring, summer, and fall tillage tool, ready to tackle the most challenging soil and residue conditions year-round.

The Cobra consists of five key components that work together to size root balls, pin and incorporate residue into the soil, speed decomposition, help prevent erosion, prepare the seedbed for planting and give the grower their desired field finish:

Cobra Finishing Tool Configurations

Every farm has unique goals, needs, and field conditions. The Cobra Universal Tillage® tool has several finishing configurations available to meet any need.

Spur-Till with a single rolling basket - Standard finishing configuration. Ideal for tough weed conditions, the Spur-Till with rolling basket option rips weeds out by the root and sizes clods effectively. Adjustable hydraulic pressure allows the operator to change the downforce and lift the tool out of the ground in muddy conditions.

3-bar flexible spike tooth harrow with a single rolling basket- Best in heavy residue and dry conditions, our proven spike tooth harrows closely follow the ground for more leveling and firming. Its flexibility allows residue to flow and easily raises or lowers to conform to various soil and residue conditions.

5-bar flexible spike tooth harrow - For maximum leveling and minimal firming, the 5-bar harrow option is best in minimal residue and wet conditions.

Double rolling basket - In heavy soil or clod conditions, our double rolling basket leaves fields ready to plant in just one pass.

CB Cobra blades 1
  • Tillage just got easier The Universal Tillage® line combines the benefits of vertical tillage, primary tillage, and secondary tillage into one tool that you can use year-round. Whether you're looking for aggressive fall tillage or field conditioning before planting, the Incite® and Cobra are flexible enough to meet each need. Adjustable components and various finishing configurations allow you to customize your tillage tool to fit your farm's needs.
  • Cobra disk blades easily penetrate the soil and slice residue into manageable pieces. The Cobra blades lift residue and loosen soil for the Dura-Reel® to level and smooth the field in one pass.
  • Universal Tillage® Selector is an adjustable disk gang angle with three angle settings to customize how aggressive or shallow to bury residue.
  • Dura-Reel® crosscuts the residue and mixes it into the soil, aiding decomposition. The Dura-Reel® design allows maximum material flow and resists plugging. The combination of the Cobra disks and Dura-Reel® produce a crisscross cut pattern which forms a 7" x 7" grid for complete coverage
  • Spur-Till treader provides even more seasonal flexibility. In the fall, the Spur-Till can size root balls, pin residue into the soil, speed decomposition and help prevent erosion. In the spring, adjust the settings to manage weeds and help prepare the seedbed for planting. The adjustable angle provides a means to move soil in the opposite direction of the disk gangs.
  • Rolling basket provides the finishing touch – 8 high-carbon flat bars have adjustable down pressure to meet varying field conditions.
ModelCB-4200-STRB (Spur-Till with Rolling Basket and 5mm blades)CB-4200-HSTRB (Spur-Till with Rolling Basket and 6.5 mm blades)
Cutting width12'-3" 14'-2" 19'-10" 25'-8" 30'-2" 35'-9" 45'-8"
Weight 7,5448,09113,10215,71917,19321,05327,688
Transport Height--9’-6"10’-5"12’-0"13’-6"13’-6"
Transport Width13’-9”14’-8”13’-4”15’-4”15’-4”17’-4”19’-2
Power per width of cut (hp/ft)8-98-98-98-98-98-98-9
Field capacity (acre/hr at 6-9mph) 7-1110-1214-1918-2422-2826-3328-46
Hitch TypeCombination pintle/clevis hitchCombination pintle/clevis hitchCombination pintle/clevis hitchArticulating ball pintle hitchArticulating ball pintle hitchArticulating ball pintle hitchArticulating ball pintle hitch
Frame TypeRigidRigidSingle foldSingle foldSingle foldSingle foldDouble fold