Finalizer - Soil Finisher

The Finalizer™ soil finisher readies the seedbed for planting by tilling, mixing, and leaving the soil in optimum condition.

The Finalizer combines Cobra™ disk blades with a unique Talon™ sweep to increase water movement and promote better root growth. The Finalizer also comes with two available conditioning configurations and two finishing options to create the ideal seedbed for your planter. The sleek design allows you to maximize spring tillage without increasing horsepower requirements.

Finalizer - Soil Finisher
Finalizer provides five tillage elements in one machine

Finalizer - Soil Finisher
Talon Sweep allows greater root depth and water/air transfer
Finalizer - Soil Finisher
All tillage components work together

Mcfarlane finalizer talon sweeps
Mcfarlane finalizer cobra disk blades
Mcfarlane finalizer spur till treader
Mcfarlane finalizer 3 bar
Mcfarlane finalizer 5 bar
  • Frame with single-point depth control to easily adjust to changing field conditions with 10-14 PTO Hp/ft.
  • Trunnion-Style Disk Gang Bearings are maintenance-free 7-lip seal disk gang trunnion bearings with 1 3/4" round gang shaft.
  • Hitch with level lift ensures a consistent depth with turnbuckle adjustment to match the tractor.
  • Maintenance Free Walking Tandem Axle follows the ground contour, ensuring complete tire contact in the field and on the road.
ModelCutting WidthApprox WeightTransport HeightTransport WidthHP Requirement
FN-602424' 3"17,1409' 11"15' 4"240-340
FN-602928' 9"19,75712' 3"15' 4"290-400
FN-603231' 9"20,86413' 6"15' 4"320-445