Finish Field Work Faster!

The McFarlane CTM series is designed to provide that last finishing touch for your chisel plows. The CTM series well help smooth out and level your fields in the fall so you can spend less time in the field in the Spring. The 3-Bar is used for units with disc levelers, the 4-Bar for chisel plows and rippers, and the 5-Bar for disc ripper and disc combination tools.

V-Frame Mounting

McFarlane’s 4-Bar Mounted harrow can also be attached to V-Frame rippers. Specialized mounting brackets are designed to carry the CTM Harrow for trouble-free operation. Available for most makes/models and special amounts are available upon request.

Additional Packages Available

The CTM is available for most makes and models such as John Deer (510 & 512 disk rippers also), Case IH, Landoll, Sunflower, and more. Please reach out for more information regarding other packages or special mount options/

  • Available in 3, 4 or 5-bar
  • Flexible bars to level, smooth and bust lumps
  • Heavy-gage rectangular tube frame
  • Adjustable height pull point and mount arms for varying conditions
  • Available for most makes and models
  • Sections are suspended with hardened chain to allow full flotation and maximum flexibility for residue clearance
  • Provides superior leveling
  • Flexible linkage for heavy residue conditions
  • Heavy duty angle bars with replaceable ¾" teeth
  • Hardened bushings at pivot points
Model NumberCutting WidthApprox. WeightFits Make/Model
CTM-512-312'-6"678 lbs.DMI 527 & 527B
CTM-513-313'-5"831 lbs.JD2700 5'-30"
CTM-516-316'-3"947 lbs.JD2700 7'-24"
CTM-516-3S16'-3"947 lbs.
CTM-518-318'-0"977 lbs.DMI 730
CTM-523-323'-6"1,362 lbs.CASE/IH 870-11"
CTM-527-327'-8"1,442 lbs.CASE/IH 870-11"
CTM-MW220923'-6"2,515 lbs.M&W Earthmaster2200 9shank
CTM-WPII-72417'-3"1,696 lbs.Weatherproofer II 7shank 24"
CTM-WPIII-53016'-3"1,493 lbs.Weatherproofer III 5shank 30"
4 Bar Harrow
CTM-5044'-7"384 lbs.
CTM-5055'-5"410 lbs.
CTM-5066'-5"437 lbs.
5 Bar Harrow
CTM-504-54'-5"402 lbs.
CTM-505-55'-4"438 lbs.
CTM-506-56'-3"473 lbs.