Redesigned in 2017, the McFarlane HDL-1100 series flex harrow, builds off our extraordinarily popular HDL-1000 series cart. It offers improvements that add strength and easier operation to ensure that you have the best seedbed in a single pass.

The HDL-1100 McFarlane Flex Harrow Cart design features include a one-piece frame for greater strength and reduced assembly time and a large trussed wing frame that eliminates the cable supports. An added spring-cushion for the wing fold cylinder makes folding and unfolding for transport and field operations now more reliable and user-friendly. The updated locking wing rest uses a pin to retain the wings in the transport position so the operator can lock and unlock the wings with much less effort.

The McFarlane Flex Harrow also features flexible sections with proprietary hardened spikes that ensure the ability to follow the terrain while leveling, breaking clods and providing shallow chemical incorporation as recommended by herbicide manufacturers. Harrow sections are adjustable with 2 positive pitch teeth settings of 50° or 38°, to attain excellent leveling and superior soil stirring action.

Available in working widths from 24' to 60' (note configurations vary past 50'), the HDL-1100 offers close-tooth spacing and multiple bar options and configurations to meet the most demanding seedbed preparation challenges for both traditional and conservation tillage practices.

Available with 4+4, 6+6, and 8+8 bar harrow sections. Rigid dual main frame axle and radial tires available.

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  • Single hydraulic circuit for lift and fold
  • One piece main frame that features 4"x6" tubing (1124-1138 models) and 6"x8" tubing (1140-1150)
  • Standard walking axles with dual axles available as an option
  • Standard tire and lighting packages
  • 20 teeth per foot for excellent coverage
  • Cushioned wing fold for a smoother transition
  • Large trussed toolbar that does not require a wing cable which allows for tighter turning when pulled in tandem with another tool
  • Improved wing lock with UHMW cover that prevents paint from scuffing and new securing pin that provides a positive lock
  • Multiple harrow configurations are available 8, 4+4, 6+6, 8+8, 12, and 16 bar
ModelCutting WidthApprox. WeightTransport Width
HDL-1124-1625'-8"6,444 lbs.13'-4"
HDL-1126-1627'-1"6,514 lbs.13'-4"
HDL-1128-1628'-7"6,626 lbs.13'-4"
HDL-1130-1630'-1"6,630 lbs.13'-4"
HDL-1132-1631'-7"6,695 lbs.13'-4"
HDL-1134-1634'-7"6,882 lbs.13'-4"
HDL-1136-1636'-2"6,951 lbs.13'-4"
HDL-1138-1637'-8"7,022 lbs.13'-4"
HDL-1140-1640'-8"9,519 lbs.14'-6"
HDL-1142-1642'-2"9,588 lbs.14'-6"
HDL-1144-1643'-8"9,658 lbs.14'-6"
HDL-1146-1645'-2"9,728 lbs.14'-6"
HDL-1148-1648'-3"9,868 lbs.14'-6"
HDL-1150-1649'-9"9,938 lbs.14'-6"