McFarlane adds Finalizer™ Soil Finisher to Tillage Line

An innovative and unique evolution of traditional spring tillage tools

McFarlane Ag now offers the Finalizer, a soil finisher with the new, exclusive Talon™ sweep. The Talon sweep uses a unique vertical blade to break the density layer created by the sweep. This complete spring tillage tool supports improved water filtration and root growth and helps manage residue and weed pressure.

“As herbicide resistant weeds become more challenging, mechanical weed management is still one of the most efficient strategies for growers,” said, Stan McFarlane, Vice President, McFarlane Ag. “Our history of developing innovative tillage tools got our team working to build not just another soil finisher, but one that could help farmers protect yield potential and promote higher yields as well.”

To help you stay in control of your field finishing, the Finalizer combines four soil-engaging components to manage residue, increase water movement and promote better root growth and consistent yields.

“Each component of the Finalizer works together to not only kill weeds, but also size residue into manageable pieces and leave a level soil profile for the planter,” said Aaron Faessler, McFarlane Ag principal engineer. “The vertical blade underneath the Talon Sweep is really what sets the Finalizer apart from all other spring tillage tools. Our in-field research has shown use of the Finalizer will protect and improve yield potential by slicing through the density layer and promoting water infiltration.”

The Finalizer is available in working widths from 24’-31’and its sleek design allows you to maximize spring tillage without increasing horsepower requirements. Each unit comes with four soil-engaging components.

  1. Hydraulically adjustable, 6.5mm Cobra disk blades easily penetrate the soil, aggressively cut residue into manageable pieces, and loosen the soil profile.
  2. The Talon Sweep has a unique 2.5" wear-resistant vertical blade that penetrates through the soil density layer created by the sweep, supporting improved water infiltration and root growth.
  3. Two hydraulically and angle adjustable conditioning options to eradicate weeds and condition soil: Conditioning Reel and Spur-Till treader.
  4. Two proven finishing configurations to help give your field the finishing touch: three-bar flexible spike-tooth harrow with a single rolling basket and a five-bar flexible spike-tooth harrow.

The Finalizer is an evolution in secondary tillage to help you achieve your seedbed goals. Contact your local dealer or a McFarlane Ag representative today to set up a product demonstration this spring.

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