Kick Your Tillage Tools Into High Gear with Spur-Till!

McFarlane’s Spur-Till™’s high-speed treader option can be easily added to the Incite® 5100 Series and Cobra Reel Disk for a more aggressive and smoother finish.

The innovative Spur-Till design provides growers an effective tool for finishing fields following heavy tillage. Our unique approach to managing the tools impact makes changes to tool height and down pressure very simple. Plus, a hydraulic lift adds convenience to quickly disengage from the soil when not needed. McFarlane also provides retro fit kits to add the Spur-Till your current Incite or Cobra Reel Disk to allow for fewer passes through the field.


Mcfarlane spur till 1
Mcfarlane sput til back side view

Features and Benefits

  • Sizes hard dirt clods more effectively
  • Removes soil while exposing and sizing corn root balls
  • Incorporate fertilizer and herbicide applications
  • Pins residue to the soil
  • Stir and level soil for seedbed preparation
  • Adjustable angle from 0 to 15 degrees
  • Hydraulic down pressure adjustment
  • Eight-tine wheels on 6" spacing
  • Easily fitted to McFarlane Incite and Cobra Reel Disk


Model Working Width Kit Part #
IC-5112-ST 12'-5" 14127
IC-5114-ST 13'-6" 14128
IC-5120-ST 20'-5" 14129
IC-5124-ST 23'-5" 14130
IC-5127-ST 26'-6" 14131
IC-5132-ST 32'-1" 14132
IC-5140-ST 39'-7" 14133