Cultivate and Level in a Single Pass!

The STM Harrow lets you cultivate and level in a single pass. Second and third tillage passes are eliminated saving time and fuel costs. Since the STM is mounted directly to the field cultivator, there is no need to get off the tractor to convert to transport position or vice versa. Simply fold or unfold the field cultivator as you normally would and you are ready to go.

Don’t Just Scratch the Surface ... Stir It!

This harrow outperforms coil tine and other harrows because they closely hug the ground. The five rows of teeth spaced on 9" centers provides the contact area to level the toughest field conditions. The STM is heavy enough to level and stir the soil thoroughly, yet the flexible design won’t plug up with field residue. A heavy-duty version of the STM, with thicker wall tube construction, is available to work heavy ground into a smooth and firm seedbed. If that isn’t enough, an eight bar version is also available that gives an impressive 10 teeth per foot coverage. For any field condition and for any make or model of field cultivator, there is an STM Mounted Harrow to fit your needs.

Heavy-Duty Harrow Sections

The fully flexible harrow sections are heavy enough to level yet won’t plug. High-carbon steel diamond shaped teeth are set at 9" centers to prevent sections from plugging in heavy residue. Strong flexible connectors provide excellent durability and wear resistance. The heavy-duty sections feature thicker walled tubing to give added weight and leveling action. The 8-bar section option produces an even greater leveling capacity with 10 feet per foot. All sections have built in dual pitch setting. Pulled from one direction, the teeth are set for aggressive harrowing, pulled from the other direction they are set for less aggressive harrowing.

  • Flexible bars to level, smooth and bust lumps
  • Universal mounting fits virtually any make or model
  • Heavy-gage rectangular tube frame
  • Adjustable height pull point and mount arms for varying conditions
  • Sections are suspended with hardened chain to allow full flotation and maximum flexibility for residue clearance
  • Optional heavy-duty harrow section
  • Optional 8-bar harrow section
  • Packages available up to 16' 7" width
ModelCutting WidthApprox. Weight
STM-5039H3'-9"285 lbs.
STM-5046H4'-6"304 lbs.
STM-5053H5'-3"331 lbs.
STM-5060H6'-0"356 lbs.
STM-5069H6'-9"361 lbs.
STM-80393'-9"402 lbs.
STM-80464'-6"416 lbs.
STM-80535'-3"434 lbs.
STM-80606'-0"442 lbs.
STM-80696'-9"460 lbs.